Well Said, Jenna


Looks like the problem with Mary Carey's political career isn't that she's a porn star*—it's that she's the wrong porn star. Here is Jenna Jameson, thrice a cover girl for High Times, laying out her policy preferences on medical marijuana and drugs in general:

America's drug policy is oppressive. Prohibition didn't work for alcohol and it won't work now. We have to justify a war on people. And that's what it is. It's absolutely psychotic…As soon as we introduced medicinal marijuana to my grandmother [who was suffering from throat cancer], she started to gain weight. It should be legal for medical users. When people are violently ill like that, marijuana makes them feel better. It allows them to eat. Unfortunately, the government hates to back down or admit they're wrong.

Story at AVN; link via Fleshbot (disclaimer: links not office-friendly).

*Is Mary Carey really a "star"? I don't have the expertise to judge, but as David Cross points out in one of his stand-up routines, pornography does seem to be the only industry in which being a star consists of doing—let's leave it unsaid—in front of a crappy 8mm camera on a tripod.