New London Apparatchik to Plaintiffs: Take It On the Arches and Get On With Your Lives Already!


Mr. Cavanaugh:

I have seen a copy of the interview with Scott Bullock. It is disappointing that he will not respect the decision of the Supreme Court of the land. He has carried this case as far as it will go. He needs to let go and get on with life. He had his chance.

Also, one of the statistics he cited is in error. He said that there were 9 states that did not permit takings for economic development purposes. He has said that before in print, listing the states. Unfortunately, we have contacted those 9 states AG offices, and 7 responded. Each of those seven said that they permitted takings for economic purposes under some conditions. Mr. Bullock needs to tell the 'whole truth' when he is interviewed, and not half the truth. It gets very old after a while.

Thanks for listening (or reading).

David M. Goebel
COO, New London Development Corporation