Flying Dragons of Fury vs. Warlords of the Forbidden City


If events in China's Hebei province are any indication, the defeated plaintiffs in Kelo v. New London may want to head down to their local dojo to prepare for the next phase in their struggle. For the second time, peasants have turned back an attack by goons trying to clear them out to make room for a state-owned power plant. Sez The Globe and Mail:

The farmers fight back against the attackers with wooden poles and pitchforks. At one point, they knock down one of the assailants and club him repeatedly as he lies motionless on the ground. The four-minute videotape abruptly ends when the farmer with the digital video camera is forced to flee from the assailants. He reportedly suffered a broken arm in the battle.

Of the six slain farmers, most reportedly died from bullet or stab wounds. One of the attackers also died, the Beijing News reported.

Lefty bloggers are said to be dismayed.

Watch the video. Thanks to kevrob.