Naderz* With Attitude


This is slightly stale news, but did you see where Ralph Nader is dropping N-bombs and comparing himself to the Black Panthers and victims of Jim Crow laws? From the New York Daily News:

Speaking Wednesday night at a Washington fund-raiser to retire the debt from his 2004 presidential campaign, Nader complained that Democratic Party powerbrokers had kept him off the ballot in such Southern states as Georgia and Virginia—which reminded him of the oppressive Jim Crow laws that denied African-Americans equal rights.

"I felt like a [n-word]," remarked the 70-year-old white multimillionaire graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School. […]

Yesterday, Nader told me he was using the word in the same spirit as the Black Panthers of the 1960s—"as a word of defiance."

Link via Sploid, who remark on the incident's non-traction thusly: "Could it be that Nader is finally, mercifully irrelevant?"

My May 2002 take on how Nader speaks lies to power here. During his 2000 campaign, I wrote a rambling bit on the awkward consumer crusader's weird problems with race here.

(* "s" changed to "z" at the suggestion of commenter Monkey RobbL.)