The Hen Clucks at the White House…


and Team America meets DPRK state radio. BBC News reports on a "special weekend feature" that recently aired in North Korea:

The programme—called "The hen clucks at the White House"—marks the first time the North Korean media have been seen to use a form known as "manp'il", or "comic notes".

Ms Rice, who in January included North Korea in a list of six "outposts of tyranny", is introduced as "a hen strutting around in the White House, crowing arrogantly".

Later she is characterised as "a bitch running riot on the beach".

Mr Rumsfeld is portrayed as having ruled the roost during President
Bush's first term, but is now little more than an ageing cockerel "keeping a low profile".

And the actor playing Ms Rice brands him "an old crock".

The satirist is not named, but my money is on North Korea's only playwright (celebrated by North Korea's most beloved drama critic). In the spirit of profiting from the sale of evil books, you can snag a copy of Kim Jong Il's On the Art of Opera: Talk to Creative Workers in the Field of Art and Literature here.