Use the Farm, Cuke


Speaking of ideologically questionable yet amusing appropriations of Star Wars for "educational" purposes, I sure got a kick out of Grocery Store Wars by the Organic Trade Association. Though my nostalgic Gold Standard for Lucas parody remains Hardware Wars, which, Kroger Babb-like, was shown at my elementary school, for educational reasons that remain elusive yet undeniable.

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  1. Hardware Wars is one of the holy three, which also contains PorkLips Now and Closet Cases of the Nerd Kind.
    These three were normally shown with Bambi Vs. Godzilla. I know at one point they were all distributed on one reel to schools that showed movies for fundraising purposes.

  2. …reasons that remain elusive yet undeniable.

    One Friday our 6th grade class was treated to a double feature of Hardware Wars followed by An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge. We even got cupcakes afterwards. I’m grateful but still baffled.

  3. Anything is better than “Thumb Wars.” God, who thinks that thumb crap is funny, anyway?

  4. The short films mentioned were distributed by a company IIRC called Pyramid Films, which sold educational films–and those. Schools got this catalog with eleventy eduflicks and three pages of these.

    Hardware Wars is on DVD–and the “foreign version” and director’s commentary are hilarious…

  5. I enjoyed this. The puns were amazing.

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