Doctor Coburn's Genuine Boogie Woogie Travelin' STD Show (and Star Wars Copyright Infringement Suit Waitin' To Happen)


Channeling the great huckster/sex films impresario Kroger Babb, Oklahoma senator and real-life medicine man Tom Coburn has, writes the Wash Times, "continued a tradition he started when he was a member of the House of Representatives—treating Capitol Hill staffers to lunch and a slide show about the ravages of sexual disease."

'This is going to be pretty graphic, and I don't want anybody to be surprised,' the Oklahoma Republican said as he began the noon presentation at the Capitol.

Perhaps policy wonks have gotten used to pleasant burning sensations in the post-Clinton years, or maybe they are reserving their revulsion for the novel by The Washingtonienne, but Coburn's presentation apparently non-plussed nobody. As the Times reports, "no one gasped or ran for the exits, unlike previous years."

Then again, perhaps the audience was merely stunned into the sort of stupor Bill Cosby allegedly induces in his lady friends by the Star Wars motif of Coburn's PowerPoint porn:

The event yesterday was billed as a Star Wars-style 'Revenge of the STDs.' Fliers pictured a Yoda figure crying, 'Stop the STDs, we must,' and Darth Vader warning, 'Never underestimate the power of the STDs.' Star Wars music greeted the guests.

Whole account of your tax dollars at work here.

Reason interviewed Coburn back when he term-limited himself out of Congress. The high points include his characterizing Congress as a room full of nutjobs ("There are not many normal people up here") and his praise for Cuba's registry system for HIV-positive patients ("such programs have been successful in Cuba…because of accountability").

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  1. Although I’m certainly concerned about Sen. Coburn’s frivolous and biased use of my tax dollars, when in the hell did we get the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States?

  2. Coburn would have gotten a better turn-out if he’d run a slideshow of the nymphomaniacal lesbian schoolgirls he claims are lurking in the bathrooms of Oklahoma high schools. No, really, he said that:

  3. I typed in “high school lesbians” in a search engine and got 20,000 hits. Apparently this is something not unique to Oklahoma. And this is a good thing.

  4. holy shit, i’m moving just so i can vote for this fucknut!

    admittedly, i do know where he’s coming from; running the STD slideshow is one of life’s more sublime pleasures. it literally – and figuratively – oozes fun.

  5. I love the link to Kos linking Atrios linking an audio file containing Coburn retelling something he’d heard from another OK politico. It’s like getting it from the horse’s mouth.

  6. Ummm….correct me if I’m wrong (please!) but don’t they lock up HIV positive people in Cuba to “protect” everyone else? If Cuba takes immigrants, we need to encourage this man to move immediately. I believe anyone who praises Fidel Castro’s way of doing things deserves to admire it up close and very personal.

  7. Yes, the way to combat STDs is by criminalizing the possession of STDs. It works for illegal drugs, right? Right?

    Make STDs a Schedule 1 controlled substance and *POOF* the problem goes away. It’s for the children, after all. We don’t want Johnny and Jenny getting the clap any more than we want them to get high. Once the clap is illegal, there’s NO WAY Johnny and Jenny could possibly come to harm, right? Right? Why isn’t the federal government doing something about this scourge?

    This post brought to you by hysterical idjits everywhere. Many of whom hold office.

  8. Han Solo’s favorite pickup line: “I have a seven-foot Wookiee.”

  9. I’m living in Oklahoma, and the interesting thing is, with all his deficiencies, I prefer Coburn to our other Senator. Inhofe’s sleazy, stupid and malicious, while Coburn’s a nut case, reasonably intelligent (he is an MD, after all), and entertaining. Besides, someone has to tell us about those nymphomaniacal lesbian schoolgirls. Although he’s probably agin’ ’em.

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