14 Senators Who Averted Nuclear Filibustering


Well, just like the Cold War (without the freedom ringing part), the big hoo-hah over the filibustering of judicial nominees ended with a whimper not a bang, thanks to 14 senators (seven from each party).

Under the deal, Democrats—who hold 44 of the chamber's 100 seats, plus the support of an independent—agreed to allow final votes on Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscilla Owen, California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown and former Alabama Attorney General William Pryor, all nominated to U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals.

Democrats still refused to agree to allow votes on William G. Myers III, a former lawyer for the Interior Department, and Henry Saad, a Michigan state judge.

The negotiators trumpeted the deal as a victory for the historical role of the Senate as a chamber that operates on consensus and collegiality.

"In a Senate that is increasingly polarized, the bipartisan center held," said [Democratic Sen. Joe] Lieberman. "The Senate is back in business," added [Republican Sen. Lindsey] Graham.

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