The Banners' Red Glare


Two revealing quotes about Congress' ideas on limited government and federalism, from yesterday's latest steroids hearings in D.C.:

"I really think there needs to be a federal standard," said House Energy and Commerce Chairman Joe Barton, R-Texas. "We have gone far too long asking the marketplace to do it. … We're going to try to set up a federal standard that does it." […]

"Disparate policies tailored for and by each league are at risk of being overwhelmed by newer, more sophisticated threats like designer steroids, gene doping and more creative drug-masking techniques," Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Fla., the bill's chief sponsor, said at the hearing.

That bill, H.R. 1862, would force every single professional sporting league to ban first-time offenders for two years, and second-time offenders for life. What's more, there's other legislation coming down the pike that'll be even more harsh:

House Government Reform Committee chairman Tom Davis, R-Va., promised that the legislation he's drafting with ranking Democrat Henry Waxman of California and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., "will have more teeth than other bills introduced."

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  1. Matt,

    I’m appalled at your failure to think of the children

  2. Bah! Puny law man have me out of job?! ME SMASH!! ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!

  3. If only congress would give a damn about predatory public stadium financing.

    Two revealing quotes about Congress’ ideas on limited government and federalism..

    I don’t need 2 more revealing quotes, I already knew the GOP was nothing more than right wing liberal equivalents.

  4. “Disparate policies tailored for and by each league are at risk of being overwhelmed by newer, more sophisticated threats like designer steroids, gene doping and more creative drug-masking techniques,” Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Fla., the bill’s chief sponsor, said at the hearing.

    Whereas a one-size-fits-all policy entombed in Federal law will be much more flexible.</sarcasm>

    Actually, this is a good sign. When we start nailing kazillion-dollar athletes, the WoD might not seem so attractive. Now, if only politicians had to pee in the cups we’d really get somewhere.

  5. I really fail to see why this issue warrants all the congressional attention it’s getting. (Even putting aside the WoD angle, and just focusing on the scope of Gov’t.)

    Is it just a tailor-made TV time-grabber, or are they trying to protect Bush’s image, since he used to be a pro sports owner? Is it bloodlust at the opportunity to save the children? What goes on in their heads?

  6. Wait!

    What about my “All Juiced” Baseball League!

    I wonder if players on the Toronto Blue Jays will be exempt?

  7. Barton is my congressman. I actually sent him an e-mail yesterday asking him to vote against the latest mandatory sentencing law (including drug crimes) that is coming down the pike. I knew it would fall on deaf ears, but even at that I may have been overly optimistic. I didn’t realize he was on the get tough on jocks bandwagon.

  8. Xmas,

    Maybe all players will be exempt in games played in Toronto.

    Of course, that could be an interesting loophole.

    Used car salesman Selig: Well you got busted again Bonds. Why do you keep taking Steroids?
    Bonds: I took them in Toronto. They’re legal there
    Selig: Oh, good luck tonight then!

  9. Let’s hear it for those small government, fiscally responsible alternatives to nanny state, tax & spend liberals.

    And people wonder why I’m cynical. My conservative friends wonder why I switched to Independent last January.

    Proof that to wing nuts, character and principles are just words and abstract concepts to be dumped when they’re no longer of use.

    This is what you get when you adopt the notion that one party is batter than the other.

    You ding dongs got what you prayed for.

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