Washingtonienne: Sloppy Seconds


Remember the micro-scandal over Washingtonienne, the Capitol Hill kiss-and-tell sex vendor whose copiously blogged exploits roiled the Beltway last summer? (No? Lucky you.) Well, now there's a little coda, and it's actually more interesting than the former senatorial assistant's inventories of receiving a toaster for anal sex or a pearl necklace for a pearl necklace.

One of her former paramours, an attorney in the office where she worked at the time, is now suing her for infliction of emotional distress. I'd be interested in comments from some of y'all with legal training: Is blogging about your personal life actionable? They guy wasn't a public figure—though he's now ensured that his name will be back in the news—but it seems strange that relating (at least approximately true) stories about your own sex life, however inconsiderate it might be, could be a tort. Isn't that just one of those chances you take when you go to bed with someone?