Exciting Innovation or Subway/Driveway Rot?


Attention D.C. readers—I'll be on the Kojo Nnamdi Show on WAMU-88.5 FM at 1:22 EDT sharp, talking about the rise of the free tabloid daily for 38 minutes or so, along with the Washington Times' Chris Baker and the American Journalism Review's Rem Reider. You can even call in to harass me, at 1-800-433-8850, and there'll be an audio link up later at the website.

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  1. I would rather get a tabloid daily than the craptacular driveway rot I have every day. Our goofy little municipality has its own tax dollar funded rag that no one in the history of the Commonwealth of KY has ever read. I get that and coupons in copious quantities.

  2. So what’s going on, is Matt working his way up to being on the Diane Rehm show?

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