A Bit More About Arianna Huffunpuffstuff (Let No Celebrity Brain Fart Go Unnoticed Edition)


At first read, I thought my colleague Matt Welch had done a funny job of paraphrasing the celebrity doucheblogs over at The Huffington Post (see below). But just so there's no confusion: Those are actually direct quotes from the various supergeniuses themselves.

Like sniffing glue, baiting bears, and the initial season of The Osbournes, The Huffington Post is great fun for a while, but I suspect we'll all be tired of it by this time next week. So it's worth getting in all the commentary on it we can stand before we go back to pushing needles in our eyes.

La Huff was on CNN's Reliable Sources this past Sunday, yapping about the essential public service her site bravely provides. The Wash Post's Howard Kurtz ran down the list of Huff Compost contribs and noted that the Larry Davids, Bill Mahers, and Walter Cronkites of the world "don't need an online forum, they've got TV shows and columns and access to the media…you are giving voice to people who are already famous." To which AH said:

I believe the blogosphere is so important, it is changing the way we receive information so dramatically that I wanted to make sure that those people, who, as you say, have other platforms, would also have an online platform, because the truth is even though they could probably all write a column and send it to "The New York Times," the chances are they would not do that. They are busy, they have other things to do, but they can blog a thought that they have, a reaction to something that is happening. They can express a passion, because that is the beauty of blogging.

Your thought doesn't have to have a beginning, a middle and an end. It can be put out there. Others respond. It can start a conversation and you can get on with the rest of your life.

Whole thing here.

Given the first week or so of material, I'm starting to believe that Huffington is actually a deep plant for the GOP, that she never actually changed her politics from her old Republican days, when she was playing Angela Lansbury to then-husband Michael Huffington's Laurence Harvey (perhaps Al Franken was the Frank Sinatra in the low-stakes Manchurian Candidate ripoff that was MH's thankfully short political career?). As Matt W suggests below, all you have to do is scan the site to realize that it reads like a red state parody of blue state jackassery, one that can only do damage to liberal causes worldwide.

Or maybe it's just the latest Andy Kauffman project.