Remember When Microsoft Had a Monopoly on Browsers?


Firefox, the new freebie browser, continues to gain on Microsoft's Internet Exlporer:

A May 10, 2005 report by web analytics company WebSideStory estimates usage in the United States of Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser to have fallen to 88.9% by April 29, 2005, from 89.9% on February 18, 2005. Microsoft's strongest competitor, Mozilla Firefox, improved its market share from 5.7% to 6.8%.

Whole thing here. Overall, Mozilla-based browsers are pulling 9 percent of the market.

You gotta wonder: Are Microsoft execs dreaming of the plunge that Netscape took only a few years back, when its market share went from 80 percent-plus to effectively 0 percent in just five short years?

If past is prologue, look for Microsoft to really get hammered as a monopoly right at the moment it no longer dominates any market.