New for Summer: Higher Prices


"There are economic isolationists in our country who believe we should separate ourselves from the rest of the world by raising up barriers and closing off markets. They're wrong."

That's President Bush alluding to an unnamed isolationist back in March 2004. Incidentally, late last Friday, the Bush administration announced a plan to slap new limits on clothing imports from China. Quotas on Chinese textiles had ended in January according to a 1995 agreement, following a decade-long grace period. Free trade lasted four months. After increases topping 1000 percent between January and April, new imports in some categories will be capped at 7.5 percent a year.

Angry Chinese response here.
Angry American response here.

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  1. “They’re wrong.”

    It’s unfair quoting the president out of context like that. His next statement was, “Except when they have enough power in Southern states to have the GOP’s nutsack in a vice.”

  2. Does anyone know if the new US Trade Representative, Rob Portman, had anything to do with this?
    He was the US Congressman from this area.

  3. I thought only Democrats flip-flopped.

  4. But it would be worse under . . . oh, never mind.

  5. I thought only Democrats flip-flopped.

    That’s correct. Democrats flip-flop. Republicans show resolve when responding to changing circumstances.

    Like too much cheap underwear.

  6. I used to get all my cheap underwear from China. Now what should I do, go “commando” in protest?

  7. I wonder how the underpants gnomes feel about this?

  8. I, for one, am very displeased.

  9. Underpants Gnome,

    Are you kidding? I thought this would be phase II in your plan: now that you’ve amassed all those underpants, the government has created artificial scarcity in the underpants market. Phase III: Profit, here you come!

  10. Who needs Lou Dobbs for Pres-O-Dint when you got George W. Dobbs in the white house already?

    Daily Show should redo their infamous Past-Bush vs. Present-Bush debate.

    And don’t forget the rallying cry: THEY TK UR JOERBS!

  11. Chinese textile workers and people that buy underwear should get some pictures of congressmen with farm animals.

    Like US textile manufacturers and their unions have.

  12. John-

    Are you saying that textile unions blackmail Congressmen with pictures of them having sex with animals? Any proof?

    Normally I’m all in favor of the public’s right to know, but I think I could live a happy and full life without ever seeing those pictures.

  13. Presient Bush sucks on free trade.

    …He sucks.

  14. Yes, yes he does.

    And Kerry would have been better! ­čśë

  15. Tim Higgins,

    You are assuming that I am done amassing my underpants stockpile. Little do you know that I am a procrastinator, and this has really thrown a wrench in the early stages of our plans.

    (On that note, if anyone has any underpants that they would be willing to donate to our cause, new or used, please send them to Nick Gillespie’s home address. I am pretty sure we will then pick up all of the donations at once, after they have all been sent to his house.)


  16. Kerry Howley,
    It’s past time for you to kick some butt here.
    I’ll be right behind you.

  17. Now I understand why the government is always in debt:

    The rest of us see some Chinese people selling cheap clothes and go take advantage of the bargain.

    The government sees a discount and thinks there’s a problem.

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