Conspiracy Theories

Take Me Down to Elohim City


Look, although it helps, you don't have to be a full-on nutjob to still have doubts in your head about the whole official Oklahoma City story. But it sure does not help to ground things in reality when the FBI botches what should be a routine records search in support of a theory that white supremacist bank robbers had something to do with the bombing.

Salt Lake City lawyer Jesse Trentadue maybe completely off-base with his theory, but the Bureau simply must be able to find files that Trentadue knows it has. Besides, if Trentadue succeeds in shedding any light on possible government informants in those racist ranks in the mid-90s, as well has anything on the still mysterious Elohim City connection to Tim McVeigh, the whole enterprise will be worthwhile.

I must confess that things seemed odd to me from the minute I learned that McVeigh was stopped due to a missing license plate by a state trooper headed in the opposite direction. Maybe that was the greatest act of police diligence in history, or dumb luck, or karma blowback, could be. It is hard to quietly roll with that, however, as long the government keeps acting like it has something to hide.