Commuter Blues (Tuff Luck for Those in LA, SF, DC Edition)


Those of you who drive to work don't need to read the papers to get this bit of news: Traffic congestion is way, way up on the nation's roadways.

Go here for a Google News sampling of stories generated by a new study that found

It took drivers 57 percent more time to get to their destinations during peak travel times than in non-rush periods because of traffic congestion. Researchers put the cost of worsening gridlock to the regional economy at more than $4 billion, or almost $1,000 per rush-hour commuter.

Road construction and mass-transit services are failing to keep pace with population growth in suburban areas, the report also noted.

The Los Angeles area had the worst congestion. After the Chicago area, rounding out the top five congested urban areas were San Francisco-Oakland; Washington, D.C., and suburbs

For a full article on the matter, go here.

And for some actual solutions to traffic congestion, check out the surface transportation page for Reason Foundation, the nonprofit that publishes Reason magazine and Reason Online.