The Whopper Tax


So it's not enough that eating at a MacDonald's or Burger King all the time will supposedly make you fat, zit-ridden, and smelly?

The mayor of Detroit–a city once better-known for birthing Motor City Madmen of the rock 'n' roll persuasion (among other musical ambassadors of good will ranging from Motowners to faux-revolutionaries to rappers)–is now proposing a fast-food tax to plug a $300 million budget hole the way Mickey D's special sauce clogs arteries.

Let's not get into questions of whether the tax would take a bite out of Detroit's fiscal problems or anything like that. Instead, let's simply ask: Would Mayor McCheese ever levy a 2 percent levy (that comes stacked like extra pickles on the extant 6 percent restaurant-meal tax) on home meals cooked in McDonaldLand?

And did Sir Shakes-a-Lot, the St. Vitus' Dance-ridden knight in Burger King's degenerate version of McDonaldLand, die defending the Holy Land in the new Ridley Scott snoozer Kingdom of Heaven?

Read more about Detroit's tax proposal here.