You let them conversate with their mothers in Iraq, next thing you know there's a school shooting


Via Drudge: Sgt. 1st Class Monique Bates, on duty in Iraq, calls her 17-year-old son on his cell phone during his school lunch break. A teacher passing by sees the touching scene, and does what any public employee would do: tries to grab the kid, cuts off the phone call, confiscates the phone, takes him to the office, doesn't let the kid take a call back from his mother, then—in what the school's vice-principal characterizes as an act of leniency—only gives him a ten-day suspension. Lucky for everybody, the V-P also has above-average language skills:

"They are really allowed to have those cell phones so that after band or after chorus or after the debate and practices are over they have to coordinate with the parents," said Alfred Parham, assistant principal at Spencer. "They're not supposed to use them for conversating back and forth during school because if they were allowed to do that, they could be text messaging each other for test questions."

Whole sad tale here.