Racial Justices


Over at Ragged Thots, Robert George of the NY Post (and, on occasion, Reason), reflects on the ways both Dems and Reps play the race card when it comes to judicial nominees. A snippet:

[Sen. Orrin] Hatch [R-Utah] uses the ABA ranking to make the case for [Priscialla] Owen and talks up her "outstanding legal ability" and "breadth of experience." Yet, for Judge [Janice] Brown, the focus has to be on her racial biography. Indeed, it's quite obvious that Republicans are happily working off the same set of talking points. Two Sundays ago, Sen. Jon Kyl [R-Ariz.] was on "This Week with George Stephanopolous." The conversation on judges had barely gone by a minute before Kyl was reminiding viewers that Brown was a "sharecropper's daughter from Alabama."

In a wider-ranging discussion of the matter, George concludes, "Democrats want minorities to succeed and grow up to be anything except conservative. Republicans want minorities to be conservative but are most content to highlight their up-from-sharecropping experiences (if they've got actual, non-racial/non-class attributes, well, that's okay too)!"

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