"We were, in our own way, very loud"


The Christian Science Monitor's Danna Harman explores the rise of people power in Latin America.


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  1. Interesting that there was very little from the usual crowd of “pro-democracy” US conservatives about the attempt (apparently now abandoned) to prevent Lopez Obrador from running–or about the popular protests against it. Gee, that couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that he’s on the Left, could it?…

  2. David,

    You mean the “pro-democracy” crowd that backed the coups against the elected presidents of Venezuela and Haiti?

    And no, Bushies, don’t try to answer with “you can’t do everything at once.” The administration and its supporters have been working to oppose democracy in Latin America. It’s not a question of how hard they’ve been pulling for the white hats, but their actual support for the black hats.

  3. joe – that’s because Latin America doesn’t have as much oil, but they’ve got lots of drugs. “They” want drugs illegal so “they” can make money off them, and democratised countries are going to be more likely to be less strict on that (I guess that Afghanistan throws a slight wrench at that, but we had to go after them after 9/11).

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