Stripped of Her Identity


Michelle Szuhay used Haley Dawson's driver's license and Social Security number to hide her identity while working as a stripper. But she didn't commit identity theft, says Miami County, Ohio, prosecutor Gary Nasal. And neither did the state liquor-control agents who gave Szuhay Dawson's identity. Nasal says state law permits law enforcement to use anyone's identity as part of an investigation, but he admits Dawson could suffer problems because her identity was used. Szuhay danced nude for about three months, while state agents watched, as part of an investigation of club Total Xposure in Troy. Troy police officers also watched Szuhay strip on the Internet, using an account they created in the identity of a dead man, which they say is also legal. Investigators believed the club was linked to drug-trafficking and prostitution, charges they could never confirm. But they did bust the club on two misdemeanor counts of furnishing liquor without a license and a civil nuisance charge that helped shut the club. Troy police officers wound up charging Szuhay with perjury and obstruction of justice for associating with club employees during the investigation. Those charges were dismissed, but Nasal reportedly plans to refile the obstruction charge.