Operation Death Worm


The Gobi desert, British scientists, strange beasts, and pints of "strong Russian beer." No matter how this turns out, tell me there isn't at least a straight to DVD flick in here just waiting to be optioned.


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  1. “Stilgar? Do we have wormsign?”

    “Usul, we have wormsign the likes God has never seen!”

    “Shhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaiiiii Hulud!”

  2. What a great story! I think I have a new hobby in cryptozoology. When they drained the Erie Canal this year my son found a very strange skeleton of a fish. All I need is a few stories from centenarians about how when they where young the mysterious ?canal alligator? used to emerge on misty summer nights and steel their chickens.

  3. Did I just miss all the fuss about just what a Death Worm is? I looked on the site, and followed up by going to the site for their organization, but didn’t catch any real details like “what’s the big deal about death worms?” “Why are they called that?” “What’s so great about them you’d want to spend a month in a Mongolian desert to look for them?” Maybe I just didn’t look closely enough, but none of the answers to those questions jumped out at me…

  4. Independent Worm wrote: “Did I just miss all the fuss about just what a Death Worm is?”

    Go down to the April 24th entry on their blog for info on the Death Worm.

  5. Are Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward available for the movie option?

  6. Ph-nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!

  7. Where can I get an “operation death worm” T-shirt?

  8. For y’all’s info, I posted a question on their site asking why their trucks have Russian license plates. Still awaiting moderation, even though a later comment has gone through. MAkes me wonder, are they really where they claim they are?

    On second thought, they are taking UAZ-452s into the desert? Having had some experience with that model and desert driving, I’d say, they won’t get far. Should have gotten GAZ-66 or somesuch.

  9. I don’t care what this post is about. Anything on a political website titled “Operation Death Worm” is ok in my book! [I’ll read the article later. If I get around to it.]

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