Keep Watching the Skies


The object first appeared on the radar screens at Reagan National Airport at 10:40 on Wednesday morning, and looked to be only 20 miles from DC. By 10:55, President Bush was "in an underground bunker at the White House and Vice President Cheney was escorted off the White House grounds to a secure location," the first time since the 9/11 attacks that such measures had been taken. Additionally, "armed, uniformed Secret Service officers took position around the executive mansion."

The object continued "moving through restricted airspace at about the speed of a helicopter," and all major security-related agencies were quickly alerted via the Domestic Events Network. For a time, the object dropped off the radar screens. Suddenly it appeared again, this time only seven miles away, "stirring serious concern among Customs and Border Protection officials." Three different agencies dispatched helicopters to the scene.

What did they find? This.