Don't Hate, Time for '08


Yes, yes it is insanely early for such stuff but the National Journal does a nice job of surveying the presidential field, touching base with various insiders on both (sic) sides of the political spectrum to come to the conclusion it is basically Hillary and everybody else.

Along the way we get some interesting tidbits, such as John Kerry may be a space alien:

"My sense is, beyond the Boston crowd, I don't think he's going to have a lot of support," said a former senior operative on Kerry's presidential bid. "I think he's going to be rudely surprised, but the vast majority of money and energy that went into that campaign was anti-Bush. It's going to be a vastly different dynamic in 2008."

Surely the man does not have to have this explained to him.

For the record, my way-early Demo ticket is Hillary and Virginia Gov. Mark Warner. For the GOP, I have no earthly idea—they all seem like space aliens to me.