It's So Over, Volume XXVII


Barry Bonds now has a blog. In the interest of equal time, so does Tommy Lasorda. Meanwhile, the Guardian got a special preview of Arianna Huffington's new super-group.

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  1. That’s some funny stuf on Arrianna. Who’da guessed anyone at the Gruniad had a sense of humor?

    I think what they’re really saying is, “Those Yanks are so bloody stupid, even their left-wingers are vacuous morons.”

  2. The Guardian “preview” was pretty darn funny.

  3. Our left-wingers are vacuous morons, at least the limousine/electric-car-to-the-Oscars riding variety.

    (At the breakfast table one morning not too long ago):

    Arianna: “Michael, I’ve created my own blog. Aren’t you proud of me?”

    (Michael grunts acknowledgment, turns page of Wall Street Journal.)

  4. ” Arianna Huffington’s new super-group.”

    Will the new blog be the Asia of blogs? Or more like the Travelling Wilburys of blogdom? Or The Highwaymen of the blogosphere?

  5. d_e,

    I’m thinking Yes, circa 1994.

  6. What are the odds that Bones or Lasorda actually spent time in front of a monitor typing their thoughts onto a blog? There should be some sort of full disclosure requirement for celebrogs….

  7. This is probably the best supergroup since Beck, Bogart & Appice.

  8. Arianna Huffington embodies the term “limosine liberal” – great stuff from the Guardian! Too bad Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore aren’t part of the supergroup – I’m sure that they could provide some wonderful insights into the joys of pooing in the woods and sleeping in lice-infested huts.

  9. Arrianna and Google have proven that “irrational exuberance” isn’t dead quite yet, but they will be soon.

  10. They stole my thunder, as I’m currently setting up something similar. While my entries would, of course, be different, the spirit is the same.

    I’ll have to check when exactly I registered the name, but it was definitely before this article was linked by Drudge.

  11. “Arianna Huffington’s new super-group.”

    Will the new blog be the Asia of blogs?

    Only time will tell. (Second track.)

  12. I’ve a hunch the honchos at the Guardian might actually be Crypto-Bushies.

    Look at it! First, they make one of Ohio’s most needed blue counties going to go red by starting that batshit insane mailing campaign — “Hey, you dumbass Colonial, we super-clever hyper-enlightened Brits are going to tell you how to vote properly” — and now they poke fun at our most noble celebrity-intellectuals (or are they rather intellectual celebrities?). What’s next, one wonders — hinting that George Soros is a self-important asshole?

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