Mossad in Florida?


Who knows, but this cryptic order out of the U.S. District Court in Tampa indicates that U.S. officials may use Israeli intercepts from other countries to win wiretap authority from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. Makes you wonder how a potential defendant could get similar access to foreign intercepts for exculpatory info. Nah, not really.

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  1. I do recall a 60 Minutes report several years ago that dealt with the UKUSA monitoring system. Several former NSA employees alleges that as this project involves shared intelligence capabilities and the many countries’ intlligence services are statutorily prohibited from monitoring their own citizens under most circumstances, participating countries outsourced their domestic spying. Therefore, this is nothing new.

  2. Well, the Mossad has certainly been in Florida before…

    “Next Door to Mohammed Atta”
    “Israeli agents were living in Florida and tailing the future death pilots until their cover was blown.”

    “Update: The spies who came in from the art sale”

    “The Israeli “art student” mystery”

    “Spy Rumors Fly on Gusts of Truth”
    “Americans Probing Reports of Israeli Espionage”

    Much much more at:

  3. What Rick said.

  4. I’m too lazy to go digging for it, but one of the secondary or tertiary links thru cited above mentioned that the company that does almost all the billing for US long-distance phone carriers is based in Isreal,too. I think ’60 Minutes’ did a story on this,too.

    Those of us who remember those lazy,halcyon days of the ’90’s may remember that one of the things that came out during the Starr investigation was that Billy Jeff was worried that his phone sex conversations would be intercepted by a “foreign intelligence agency”. At the time, everyone seemed to think the reference was to the Chinese.

    Having scanned over the court document, I guess the relationship is now official,albeit secret. Most of the CARNIVORE coverage I’ve seen talked about the UK,Australia,and Canada…the Isrealis (or more properly, the Likud and Mossad) may have muscled there way into the club.

    Or maybe it’s TPC….anyone seen “The President’s Analyst” lately?

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