Journalism Is Over


Via Drudge: End Times sign #673: It's now a firing offense for reporters to drink on the job. Kalamazoo Gazette reporter Craig McCool and photographer Mairin Chapman have been canned for drinking beer while doing a story on "Beer-Pong."

[Editor Rebecca] Pierce, who could not be reached for comment Monday, seemed to indicate that the pair's transgression took on more severity because it involved their reporting on how heavy alcohol consumption can be dangerous. "It's a sad statement to our readers that our behavior in any way would obscure this serious and pervasive problem in our community," the editor added in the note.

Oh, well when you put it that way! Don't worry, though. The incredibly named McCool has purged himself through Maoist self-criticism:

The paper quoted McCool as apologizing for his actions. "I as a reporter need to be held accountable," he told editors. "The people in this organization work hard not only to keep the community informed, but to gather and dispense the news in a reputable and ethical manner. While reporting for the story in question, I forgot those ideals."

The great hard-drinking reporter trope was always mostly a myth, but jeez, what a bunch of pussies!