Take Five? I'd Be Happy To Take One! or, Who Says the Free Market Never Fails?


The good people at Hershey's introduced the Take 5 bar back in December, but unless I'm looking for yum in all the wrong places, it does not appear to be available anywhere in the Bay Area. This baby racked up a 9.3 out of 10 on the Snack Satisfaction Index. It's got five daring ingredients, including peanuts and peanut butter, a combination of practically Romanov decadence. I'm ready to bite, and I can't find it anywhere! Mr. Hershey, where art thou? I could probably order one from the web somewhere, but somehow the idea of ordering a candy bar online makes me want to shoot myself. Am I not looking hard enough? Is Northern California at the tail end of some graduated rollout schedule? Anybody have any leads? Any reviews?