So Why Did Bauhuas the Band Play Goth Music Again?


Via Arts & Letters Daily I came across this piece about modernist architecture over at the invaluable Tech Central Station. The A&L come-on is what got me to click on the link, and I think it's a good question to ponder:

Bauhaus intended to supply simple, cheap, mass-produced shelter for wretched proletarians stuck in 1920s rat-infested tenements. Is this an architecture we still need?…

Whole thing, which mostly reads like an extended reminder to errant readers that the author, one Catesby Leigh, went to Princeton, here.

Beyond the question posed above, there's no reason to read the piece. Though it did get me to wondering: Given the modernist connotations of its name, why did the band Bauhaus play goth music (and don't give me any guff about the band's own disavowal of that label; when we start accepting musicians' own designations–coff, coff "King of Pop"–the terrorists have won)?