In the Bagge


Reason's resident cartoonist, Peter Bagge, has become a semi-regular member of Mad magazine's usual gang of idiots.

Check out the May ish, #453 (you know, the one with Alfred E. Newman on the cover!), which is on stands now, for the celebrated Hate auteur's latest contribution to quite possibly the most important mag in the history of quite possibly the most important mags.


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  1. Sounds like a perfect fit.

  2. Wait a minuet. It’s the prophesized sign of liberation! April 21st! How did they know? This is too weird. How will I be able to sleep?

    “When reason invades madness, the counting of the last days of the beast shall begin.”
    The beginning of the end of government

    “The plundered shall protect their purses”
    Tax revolts

    “The yoke of many laws shall be shattered.”

    “The people will defy the will of the war lords”

    “Each will mix his labor and worth and exchange it at his own behest”

  3. The whole prophecy is: “Look for the sign in the popular scripts on April 21. When Reason invades Madness, the counting of the last days of the beast shall begin.”

    And that’s why “Reason” and “Madness” were capitalized. Now it makes sense! And right on April 21st!

  4. Whoa! Just kidding. I made all that stuff up. You know, for shits and giggles. I sure got some weird email on this one.

  5. …What just happened?

  6. Mike H.,

    Nothing. Just me being silly last night.

  7. No one can replace Drucker/Davis, Dave Berg or the late great Don Martin, but Bagge doesn’t suck by any means; Hell, on his worst day he still beats the hell out of Duck Edwing…

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