Seabiscuit for Pope


In the spirit of the Iowa Electronic Markets, I give you this.

[Via Jeffrey Tucker.]

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  1. Damn, blocked by work filters. Guess I should work instead.

  2. Come on Ortega. Your rise to the papacy would infuriate Castro and reopen Cuba.

  3. I favor Sugarbush Squirrel. After all, he’s got the robes.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks that “Seabiscuit” sounds like what happens when somoeone goes for a swim in the ocean after consuming too much chili?

  5. Man, money is just pouring in on Ratzinger. Last I checked he was at 29-1. Good thing I decided to hold off on that bet.

  6. time for the next chief brainwasher to be sworn in.

    xrlq: LOL. it’s like that horse’s brother, airbiscuit.

    what about george-ringo. ba dum pum.

  7. points out that any Catholics who bet on the pope are automatically excommunicated. Are you trying to get all your readers to rot in hell for eternity Jesse?

  8. My first reaction was, godamn Brits’ll bet on anything. Then I realized everybody’ll bet on anything. It’s just that on this issue the Brits have rejected the sick prohibitionist attitude we have here, and have allowed people to indulge a normal human pursuit in a relatively unencumbered environment.

    Then it occurred to me there was no actual evidence it was a British site at all. But is does have that look of honest, guilt-free British bookmaking.

  9. LAST “is” should be “it”

  10. Paddy Power had next-Pope betting for years before JPII even kicked the bucket. For some reason I’m not remotely surprised it was the Irish who decided to combine gambling and Catholicism.

  11. “Seabiscuit for Pope”

    I seem to recall having read a story once about a horse that was made Pope. No, really. Anyone?

  12. The Roman emperor Caligula once had a horse made a Senator to express his contempt for the Senate; you may be thinking of that.

    By the way, last Sunday I was talking popes with my dad and my brother, and my brother said the guy chosen to be pope by the electing college of cardninals doesn’t necessarily have to be a fellow bishop or even a priest. As it turns out, that’s technically true — a guy doesn’t have to be a priest at the time he is named a candidate, he just has to be a baptized male. But if named pope, he has to be made a priest, and then a bishop, right away. Source.

    (Apologies if this point is already made in the betting link above; I can’t access it now.)

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