Conservative Liberals for Mainstream Anti-MSMism


At the risk of looking a gift citation in the mouth, I have to pass along an amusing case of Reason-related ideological confusion. On page 102 of Brian Anderson's brand new book South Park Conservatives: The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias, I am described like this:

Welch, who considers himself an "Economist-style" conservative liberal, […]

Find the word that doesn't belong! On the other hand, I think there are intriguing possibilities in boiling down someone's basic political identity using the formula "[magazine title]-style [two polarly opposed political camps or philosophies]." For instance, "Parade-style vegan carnivore," or "Heeb-style … Objectivist commie" … I'm sure you can think of better ones.

Anderson's book, by the way, sprang from this interesting City Journal essay, arguing that right-of-center types have more effectively embraced and leveraged new forms of media.