Everywhere There's Lots of Piggies


Citizens Against Government Waste has handed out its 2005 Pig Book, a rundown of the most heinous slabs of pork doled out from a porcine Washington, D.C. For at least the second year running, Republican Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska was the most piggish pol of all, sending home $646 million of bacon back to the 113 residents of the Last Frontier State.

Other goodies include $100,000 for the Tiger Woods Foundation, $6.7 million to the YMCA, and $1.4 million to various Halls of Fame, including the Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame (which, in case you were wondering what federal service it provides, is "Home of the 24 Second Shot Clock"). Link via Sploid.

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  1. I’m not usually into tabloid stuff…but that sploid looks pretty good. Might have to bookmark it.

  2. I’m already a Sploid addict, they have even snider headlines the Fox, plus no stupid conservative slant. Denton scores another one.

  3. Here’s how rediculous things can get; I live in Syracuse and have never heard of the Greater Syracuse Hall of Fame. Yeah, heard the story about the 24 second shot clock and I think it’s Philadephia that has Syracuse’s old basketball team, the Nationals I think they were called, but sheesh, a hall of fame?

  4. For at least the second year running, Republican Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska was the most piggish pol of all

    Isn’t it better that this money go to the rugged individualists of the red states? Otherwise it will just be wasted on those blue state welfare queens! 😉

  5. Plus, Ken gives Matt a shiny penny for every hit Reason sends. It’s capitalism, just do it. Never mind the stolen LJ icons, it’s original for this week. Chacha

  6. thoreau,

    That’s a problem built into the Constituion’s specification of Congress. States with low populations will always fare better, when it comes it comes to handouts, than those with high populations. Even if there were only 27 people living in Alaska, the state would still get two Senators and be disportionally represented.

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