Ecdysiasts Got Class


Hats off (along with everything else) to Erotic City, a strip club in Boise, Idaho. Its management tried to sidestep the town's nudity ordinance not only by claiming that its dancers were engaged in "serious artistic" performances, but by staging "art nights" to prove it.

Twice a week, when the club's dancers took everything off, the club's patrons would be given sketch pads and pencils. According to the management, that transformed the strip club into an art studio. Drinks were on the house, no doubt; any money that changed hands was probably "tuition."

Boise's cops didn't buy it. Philistines all, the cops cited a technicality: that the dancers "weren't posing, they were dancing." What? There's no post-historical wiggle room in the verb, "to pose"? Hint to management: Next time claim it's theater.

Thanks to: ArtsJournal