But What Happens If the Amerikansks Want to Dans Too?


Norwegian MCs Gatas Parlament, rhyming in the mellifluous tongue of their quaint land, promise to burn down the American embassy and blow up an American tank, provide previously unseen footage of President Bush and wife Laura being targeted by a guy with a grenade launcher, implicitly threaten Casey Kasem with unspeficied injuries, and much more, all here.

My only questions: Who is St. Hans? Is that Norwegian for St. John? If so, is this another Da Vinci Code thing?

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  1. Da boyz have a hammer & sickle emblem on their home-page, except it’s tricked up to look like a slogan-shouting representative of “the people”. Syooper-kewl indeed !
    I might not change the channel if their music comes on, because lately I’ve not been feeling fully authentic.

  2. St. Hans is probably the canonization name of Clever Hans the incredible, miraculous counting horse, who is the patron saint of arithmetic for all species.

  3. also, the patron saint of the credulous

  4. They’re using rap? Looks like we’ve already culturally colonized them. The “Saved By The Bell” clips alone make this video worth watching.

  5. What kind of pussies rap about hiring a hitman (with donations)? Kill him yourself, lazy euro-filth.

  6. St. Hans, I believe, is named after a Bible character, but it’s a tradition that dates back to before the introduction of Christianity. It’s the day of the year when sun is up for the longest, and it’s celebrated with a bonfire, which the Vikings were into also.

    Gatas Parlament means the street’s parliament, BTW.

    I can’t belive you guys even pay those commies any attention. It’s not like they’re even taken seriously at home.

  7. I didn’t realize Rage Against The Machine was outsourcing!

  8. The funniest thing about this is of course, as KidCarn pointed out, the use of a uniquely American art form to decry American Hegemony. Well, that and the fact that they don’t grasp the fact that the refrain isn’t the only thing in the song that should rhyme. I mean really, if you’re going to use it, at least understand how first.

  9. Dans? Let’s Tanz mit Laibach!


  10. When you need catchy anti-Amerikkkan rap, don’t settle for wannabe Euro radicals. Get the real stuff from North Korea: http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2647764.

  11. The Libertarians aren’t gonna make any headway unless they get rid of their stupid purity tests and learn to embrace Norweigan crackpots.

  12. Dans? Let’s Tanz mit Laibach!

    I already have…saw them in concert this year.

    “God is God”. — Laibach

  13. deez wack vikings drop some lame rhymin’ skillz, yo.

    America don’t have ta worry none bout battle rhymes from the artic hood

    -fo’ the shorteez alls up in here


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