Wanna Blog Like the Common People


Arianna Huffington—who apparently no longer needs to be "stopped"—is launching a big new Web publication/collective, in which Santa Monica's neglected limousine liberals, apparently unsatisfied by merely running Hollywood, will try to catch some of this grassroots blogging buzz.

Based in New York and staffed with a full complement of editors, the Huffington Report appears to be a culture and politics webzine in the classic mold of Salon or Slate. It will have breaking news, a media commentary section called "Eat the Press," and its most interesting innovation, a group blog manned by the cultural and media elite: Sen. Jon Corzine, Larry David, Barry Diller, Tom Freston, David Geffen, Vernon Jordan, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Harry Evans and his wife, Tina Brown. That's just to name a few, and Huffington is still recruiting. […]

In addition to the list above, her roster includes heavyweights such as real estate and media mogul Mort Zuckerman; magazine publisher Jann Wenner; Hollywood machers like William Morris CEO Jim Wiatt; superproducer Brian Grazer; Endeavor agent Ari Emanuel; writers/directors Nora Ephron, David Mamet, Mike Nichols, Rob Reiner, and David O. Russell; and assorted blue-chip "public intellectuals" like Paul Goldberger, Gary Hart, Norman Lear, and Arthur Schlesinger.

I'd make a joke here, but sometimes the material is just too, um, rich. (Link via Jeff Jarvis.)