Royal Pain


Will Queen Camilla kill the Commonwealth? Would anyone notice? The Brits say, technically, she can be queen. Perhaps stung by Camilla's claim that she doesn't even want the title (so there), Michael Howard says that what's good enough for Camilla is good enough for the papists. Reports The Guardian:

A repeal of the historic ban on Catholics inheriting the British throne took a step closer yesterday with the revelation that Michael Howard now supports reform.
The Conservative leader used an interview with the Catholic Herald to point out that, since no other religion or denomination is singled out for such exclusion, it is an anachronism for Catholics to be so treated.

Potential Catholic figureheads aside, the biggest story about the April 8 marriage seems to be that no one in Britain is paying much attention, which is unfailingly interpreted as spirited opposition to Camilla's home-wrecking ways. No one, for instance, is buying the commemorative cups that swept the nation back in 1981 when it was Diana's face plastered across the side. Undeterred, vendors are still pumping out C&C-stamped magnets, coasters, tea towels and mouse pads with admirable vigor. Meanwhile, the Commonwealth is getting uppity; some Aussies and Kiwis would rather step on a landmine than accept Diana's replacement.