Everything Solid Dissolves into Flab (Ex-Mr. Olympia Edition)


Drudge links to this story and pic about what This Is London calls Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's "spare tyre."

Even if Arnold has turned in his abs like giant ravioli for, well, a giant plate of ravioli, this recent Wash Post story on the Gubernator suggests that the Austrian Oak is still packing some Olympian political muscle:

Schwarzenegger is challenging the status quo and the Democrats' coalition on several fronts. He wants a rigid limit on state expenditures that would impose across-the-board cuts when spending exceeds revenue. He proposes to change the state pension system by replacing defined benefits with individual accounts for newly hired workers, patterned after private-sector 401(k) accounts and in the spirit of Bush's Social Security plan.

Whole Post story here.

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