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If you're in the mood for some Chinese propaganda or North Korean comics, Heading East has the links you're looking for.

[Via bOING bOING.]

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  1. No connection to Good Friday, and not so fun.

  2. Jesse you are truly one of God’s own prototypes. Those years of weird bad movies have truly warped your mind.

    I’m still pissed because I rented Leningrad Cowboys Go America at your behest and it was an unwatchable pile of crapola. After screening it for an entire room of friends with *extremely* eclectic tastes, no one even remotely “got it.” These are the kind of people that “get” Gerry.

  3. If they really liked Gerry, it’s no wonder they didn’t care for Leningrad Cowboys Go America. “What the hell is this?” they must have said. “There’s a plot! There’s jokes! It’s almost as if the filmmaker is trying to entertain us!”

  4. I am hereby requesting asylum in the People’s Republic of Funk, baby!

  5. Jesse – “Almost as if” indeed.

    I admit I missed the humor in having the grand total of jokes revolve around awkwardly shaped pointy shoes and petty rivalries over pointy hairstyle. I think I liked it better when it was called Legally Blonde. Though to be fair, the latter could have gained from an extraneous corpse.

    Maybe it was the painful folksy fusion musical score that made me spend half the movie wishing the Leningrad Cowboys would Go Antarctica.

    No hard feelings though, Jesse. Your movie lists are top notch. I was pleased to see Von Trier Kingdom Hospital on there among other scarcely appreciated slivers of brilliance.

  6. When did I recommend that Leningrad Cowboys movie, anyway? I assume it was in one of these comment threads — I don’t think I’ve ever written an article about it.

    It certainly isn’t for all tastes. I understand there are people out there who don’t think The Big Lebowski is funny either. It takes all kinds…

  7. Jesse,

    If there really are people out there who don’t think The Big Lebowski is funny, I don’t want to meet them.

  8. Warren:

    No connection to Good Friday, and not so fun.

    But does it have a good beat and can you dance to it?

    Rick Barton

    (using my “Friday fun screen-name”)

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