Another Day, Another Former Soviet Republic in Revolt


In the space of two days, some fed-up Kyrgyzs have stormed Bishkek's presidential palace, sent packing President Askar Akayev, installed opposition leader Ishenbai Kadyrbekov and won Putin's support. A friend in Bishkek e-mails:

I followed the protesters into the building and up to the president's office where they fought with security guards before trashing the place. They were taking photos of each other in Akaev's chair, eating his food, wearing his robes and working out on his gym equipment. Within minutes the place was gutted, and people threw chairs, computers, anything out the windows.

I went to an internet cafe to file my story and when I made it back into town everyone had gone wild and was looting everything they could get their hands on. There were people waiting at the bus stops with couches, fridges, clothing and food.

This morning things are calm, the buses are running and everyone is going to work.

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  1. If only Americans could calmly queue at the bus stop after a pleasant afternoon looting government offices. We are long overdue for a revolution. I want a new couch.

  2. We are long overdue for a revolution, I want your couch.

  3. If Putin approves, can this be good?

    What kind of “popular revolt” installs a government friendly to the country’s former foreign rulers?

  4. Mark,

    One could argue that India did, but they were pretty busy with internal struggles between the Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs..

  5. You guys,
    I work at a semi-government agency. You don’t want any of the couches around here. This place has a definite “freshman year bachelor pad” look that is particularly heinous.

  6. The important thing to remember is that Karamov would have been worse ­čśë

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