Non-Iraqi Spy Unsuccessfully Outed


William Arkin, a left-of-center military anlayst and author of the new Code Names: Deciphering U.S. Military Plans, Programs and Operations in the 9/11 World, was outed by a Defense Intelligence Agency cable as a spy for Saddam Hussein. From the Washington Post article:

The document, filled with military jargon and described as "classified," says that "preliminary reporting … indicates possible US citizen William Arkin received monthly stipend for period 1994-1998 to report on quote United Nations Special Commission activities unquote. Entry in SSO [special security organization] ledger captured in Baghdad, no additional information."

The only trouble—the cable was forged.

The bogus document (you can read it at the bottom of Arkin's PDF-file letter of concern to Donald Rumsfeld), came to Arkin's attention because it was leaked to Washington Times National Security muckraker Bill Gertz. Sez Arkin:

I am extremely concerned that someone familiar with Defense Department classified reporting has forged this document and given it to the press in the hope that it would be reported as genuine. Such an action raises deeply troubling questions about the integrity of the Department's processes and raises the possibility of an organized effort to intimidate me as a journalist.

Link via Secrecy News.