The smartest and most comprehensive blogging on the Schiavo case I've seen has been coming out of Lindsay Beyerstein's Majikthise, Matt Conigliaro's Abstract Appeal, and Barry Deutsch's Alas, a Blog. You'll find further roundups to other web commentary there.

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  1. Frist/Schiavo 2008!

  2. “Frist/Schiavo 2008!”

    Brian’s right, there is nothing more brain-dead than a GOP running mate.

  3. Yes, but Brian: Why put Frist at the top of that ticket?

    (Thanks for the link! 🙂 )

  4. Since Frist can make medical diagnosis by simply watching propaganda videos, then he certainly has the divination powers to run with a brain-dead partner. He can interpret every drool, eye blink, and other facial reflexes as policy directives.

  5. Actually, I had a dream last night, and Terry Schiavo and Jesus were there, and told me to tell everyone that she “wants to go to heaven now.”

    (Massmail on the web, repeat amazing lie to credulous louts, and watch the fireworks show…)

  6. In the old days, the slogan was “All politics are local politics”. This case makes it clear that, in fact, all politics are federal politics.


  8. cdunlea:

    Well, I had a dream last night with Terry and the Virgin Mother (who is Jesus’s mom). VM told me that we should disregard all previous visions and keep TS on the tube. Apparently, some miracle is on the way, whenever they “get around to it”.

  9. Yeah, nice guy, but Jesus is also part of God the Father, who knocked her up in the first place to fulfill His Will, and since he’s the Alpha AND Omega, I’m putting my money on Him.

    Besides, why would Terry change her mind? 🙂

  10. I’ve been reading, mostly in here, the comments regarding the hospitalized Schiavo. One of the major things I’m getting is the advisiability of having a living will. I’m wondering, though,if that would even matter. Any rule, whenever it is deemed necessary by the majority, is just discarded. So what if you do have a legal document. You have no ability to prevent the government from declaring it null and void whenever they wish. Whether you are a rutabaga, a carrot or a person, they still have the power. Especially if you are incapicated, in any way.

    Tell me, please, that the reason I feel this way today is that I am just kind of depressed.

  11. Your Father/Son duality is impressive, but I’m holding the Mother card.

    Mary is the MOTHER of God. Millions pray to her every day for intervention. She is in the bible giving instructions to Jesus. Mary was born immaculate, lived life without sin, and entered into heaven in full body. Plus, she can invoke TOTAL POWER for three rounds, and is the Supreme Master of winds and water. I dare you to challenge me.

  12. I got you on that one, nice guy. God created her, and her superpowers derive from God. And the angel TOLD her, not asked, that she would conceive a son. He made her do it. So God is more powerful. And Jesus is part of God, per the Council of Nicea. So there.

    (I never figured someday I would be comparing the powers of Mary vs. Jesus the way people discuss Superman vs. Captain Marvel!)

  13. I dreamt that Jesus was the lead singer of Deep Purple.

  14. Actually, twba, Jesus looks a bit like the bass guitarist from Spinal Tap.

  15. So if, like, Jesus and Mary got into a fight, who would win? How about Mary and Captain Marvel?

  16. Twba is referring to Jesus Christ Superstar, in which Jesus was portrayed by the lead singer of Deep Purple.

    (This has been the second time I have been able to clarify a fine point of theology. The first time was about the doctrine of papal infallibility, citing as my source The Last of the Moe Haircuts: The Influence of the Three Stooges on Twentieth Century Culture. Such are the benefits of a Catholic education.)

  17. No, you don’t have me on that one. The Virgin Mary has thousands of pre-Christian years of worship behind her. She assumed the powers of the pagan Earth Mother and the Mother Goddess.

    If you have doubts about the awesome powers of the Big Mom, then try to get through this Mother’s Day without sending a card..

  18. You’re forgetting that Jesus can go Super Sacred Jesus level 3. When he does that, his power level increases by 100.

    It takes a while to power up, though.

  19. Here’s what should be done:

    1) Remove Schiavo’s feeding tube.

    2) Set up cameras for CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc.

    3) Parade every faith healer in America through her room. They get 30 minutes each. Frankly, I’m amazed that the faith-healing types haven’t been clamoring for a shot to cure her.

    4) God will make his plan known. Either she dies. or she is miraculously healed and can talk and feed herself.

    Problem solved.

    Bush talked about “erring on the side of life”. Except when it comes to administering the death penalty, of course. In the case of the death penalty, court proceedings are just and infallible, while in medical rights cases, courts are evil and error-prone.

  20. Let’s give credit where it’s due. We finally have an administration that’s willing to look this death problem right in the eye and make it illegal.

    Go Life!

  21. Well, nice guy…you got me on the Mother’s Day thing. Damn you for stooping that low.

  22. I keep getting it confused: was it the father or the holy ghost that knocked up little Mary while she was asleep? By the way, how old was Mary when this happened. Did she consent in her sleep. Sound like a case of date rape or something.

  23. Guys:

    Thanks for an awesome thread. I’m finding this string much more coherent and sensible then the anti-semitic rant going on in the other..

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