Poetic Justice in the Constitution State


My former governor, Connecticut's own John Rowland, has just been sentenced to a year in the slammer. Rowland's plight, you may recall, was best memorialized in a poem by his wife, recited at the Chamber of Commerce, which I excerpt for you here:

This man who has given you many years of his life,

who has stood tall and strong,
throughout good times and strife.

He has championed our cities,
our schools and our arts,

he's made sure that our children are ready and smart.

He doesn't get bullied by big union bosses,
who picket and whine and dwell on their losses.
He's the man with the plan for the good of our state,
and he won't let the press twist and turn our state's fate.

You can blame the press, or you can blame Rowland's confessed proclivity for accepting many thousands of dollars in bribes. Either way, he'll soon be joining Bridgeport's former mayor, Waterbury's former mayor, the former state treasurer, and eventually his deputy chief of staff, who helpfully led investigators to a stash of gold coins buried in his garden.


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  1. OK, how do end up at the point where you’re telling yourself, “Yeah, sure, I can accept a Mustang convertable from a guy bidding on a contract. No way is that going to bite me in the ass!”

  2. Off topic: They just pulled Schievo’s feeding tube.

  3. Can we maybe throw every politician in jail?

  4. Way, way off topic: LET’S GO NOVA!

  5. Can we remove all the politician’s feeding tubes?

  6. “Can we remove all the politician’s feeding tubes?”

    You mean cut taxes? Good luck!!

  7. The boy just wasn’t as smart as slick Willie!

  8. Rowland deserved decades in prison. It shows that Connecticut is beyond corrupt, through and through, if Rowland only gets a year for all the sleazy deals, bribes, day after day, year after year.

    I blog on FreeSpeech.com, and if you put “Governor Rowland” in a yahoo search engine my posts on Rowland were #2, and his official site was #1.

    Rowland’s corruption machine ruined my life. If I didn’t move to Connecticut I would not have lost my family, dog, credit, home, retirement and the sum total of my life’s work for having tried to expose corruption and gotten nailed for it.

    I started writing letters to the editor and soon found myself in prison due to Connecticut State Trooper perjury.

    -Steven G. Erickson aka Vikingas

  9. Sorry, Connecticut has NOTHING on Rhode Island in the corruption department.

  10. Why isn’t anyone discussing that hilarious poem? It’s even funnier if you imagine a teary-eyed dame earnestly writing that little piece of shit.

  11. I don’t know cdlunea. Buddy Cianci may be a gangster but at least he never paid to watch little girls to have sex. I my lifetime(i’m not that old), I’ve seen three mayors of two towns I lived in go down for corruption (which most people knew about for years before hand). Mostly it’s about handing out high paying jobs and contracts, sometimes worse.

    Politicians in the lovely Nutmeg State (probably everywhere) love to embrace the “do you know who I am” brand of public policy and adherence to the laws. They keeping passing them but don’t feel that they should apply to “important” people such as themselves.

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