Where's That Sack of Dead Rats When You Need it?


Jesus Kee-RIST what a blood-scalding thing it is to watch 11 nearly consecutive hours of the People's House at "work"…. I can't think of a single person on the House Committee on Government Reform who I do not, at this moment, hate.

I know y'all are bored speechless by the subject matter at hand, so I'll just leave you with this non-sporting observation: There was not one word spoken today by our congresspersons (unless it was when I was at the doctor) expressing even the slightest hint of concern over governmental over-reach, personal privacy, collective bargaining rights, or the proper orientation of a committee dedicated to "government reform." I know, I know, shocker. But to hear John Sweeney (R-N.Y.) say things like "people aren't particularly interested in the privacy aspects when kids are dying," or Darrel Issa (R-Calif.) say that Congress will probably have "no choice" but to either re-write collective bargaining law wholesale or impose new blanket federal regulations on all sports (while Democrat Henry Waxman pressed witnesses on the all-important issue of statistical asterisks), it makes me long for a real opposition party, one which actually opposes intrusive government, instead of merely mouthing the stuff once per election cycle and counting on the historical sympathies of those who take it more seriously. And it also makes me relieved, for about the 572nd time, that I don't observe or care about the workings of government on a full-time basis. No wonder there are so many libertarians in D.C….