Eye of the Tiger


Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea and his family own 25 pets, including six dogs, five tortoises, three French hens, two chinchillas, two ferrets and a rooster. That's about 20 animals too many for their neighbors in Belleair, Florida. They complained to the city that the animals were a nuisance, and the city has told Bollea to get rid of the animals, citing a city ordinance that says "No person shall keep or maintain upon any residential property within the town more than a total of or any combination of five domestic animals at any one time." The Bolleas have agreed to cut back to six pets: four dogs and two birds. They say they'll still be in compliance with the law because each of the four people in their family should be allowed to keep up to five animals. They vow to fight any efforts to further reduce the number of animals they keep on their 2.3 acre home.