Attention, Students! (And Recent Graduates, Too!)


Darin Lowder of the Institute for Humane Studies, ground zero for academic libertarianism, sends us this announcement:

Each summer, IHS sponsors a series of seminars for undergraduates, graduate students, and recent college graduates exploring a wide variety of issues. From globalization and the environment to the limits of freedom, we bring top students and faculty from around the world together for lectures, discussions, films, and socials lasting well into the night.

This year, we're sponsoring eleven seminars from coast to coast, and we've added a "Civil Liberties in the 21st Century" seminar exploring the limits of personal and economic freedoms.

IHS is a great group, and their events are highly recommended. For more information, go here.

Meanwhile, Reason is still accepting applications for our summer internship. I applied for this way back in 1990 and didn't get it, so think of this as your chance to demonstrate that you're more qualified to work here than I am.

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  1. Finally something for “recent college graduates”, too. Sometimes I feel like I’m in Limbo just because I haven’t started grad school, and yet I am no longer a wee undergrad, either. (cue “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” by Neil Diamond)

  2. I used to donate to the IHS, but I stopped after I felt that they were spending all of my donation money soliciting more donations…from me. Most organizations bug you once a year. With IHS, it felt like I was getting hit up for money every month, and with seemingly costly solicitations to boot. No thank-you.

  3. Is the internship for college students only or would it do to be a college grad with a youthful dedication to sporadic employment?

    Also, does a glorious history of commenting on blogs count as getting published?

  4. You don’t have to be a student currently to apply, Pavel. (I’ve just changed the post’s title to make that more clear.) But I don’t advise submitting blog comments as clips.

  5. Thanks for the clarification.

    I was kidding about the blog thing, but as for what counts as “published” these days, it’s a fair question. I’ll just assume it’s the message, not the medium that gets the bulk of your consideration.

  6. …think of this as your chance to demonstrate that you’re more qualified to work here than I am.


  7. IHS is great. I went to one of their seminars last summer and it was very refreshing to meet other college-age libertarians.

  8. Why does Seattle always have to get the sucky environmental stuff?

  9. Because Seattle is a sucky environmental city.

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