Yeah, well, try to escape now


If the handling of courthouse shooter Brian Nichols prior to his escape and the immediate law enforcement reaction to his rampage was absurd, I have no words for a 19-man guard for Nichols' latest five-minute appearance before a magistrate. Incompetence evidently comes in many forms.

How can the people of Atlanta put up with these jokers?

NEXT: I've got fifty-two successful scenarios to my credit, added to which my father's a policeman.

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  1. Haha, we dont live in Fulton county/Atlanta. Thats how we put up with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. No. Shit.
    Just what I was thinking Jeff. Except the part about Atlanta. I’ve spent a couple of days in Atlanta and this is exactly what I would expect.

  3. “How can the people of Atlanta put up with these jokers?”

    They have been for as long as I can remember. Why stop now?

    -Former metro Atlanta resident

  4. The real question is how we could stop putting up with it. You name it, I’ll do it.

  5. It is pretty crazy. How can anyone say a 5 foot female is any match for a guy that big. I am 4′ 11″, and there is no way I could handle a guy of even average height and weight without resorting to his most vulnerable spot. This Paul Howard seems to think anyone is pit equally against anyone else, and that just isn’t so. And yes, what a joke now to have 19 people gaurding Mr. Nichols, who by the way has so incredibly found religion aftering killing anyone in his path. I think he found exhaustion and needed a place to rest and eat. Who know what goes on in the heads of anyone.
    Just Me……..

  6. You’re talking about a city that has billboards at many choice intersects asking people to report corruption.

    Let’s not even bring up Former Mayor Campbell’s shadiness.

    It’s also the police force that, in the Fulton County Jail, allowed rap videos to be shot at night.

    No, nothing wrong here. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Typical corrupt and Keystone Cops-style action here.


    I have lived in Atlanta all my life and have multiple relatives in various metro atlanta PDs.
    Those Law enforcement offcials are NOT typical corrupt keystone cops.
    They are legendary (or at least should be) in their ineptness and corruption. The last police cheif of atlanta’s primary qualifaction was she was the chauffeur of her predecessor. They are also rampant with racism (both whites against blacks and much more predominatly blacks against whites) sexism (which tends to be go both ways equally depending on who is the current head honcho) and both inter and intra departmental fighting that quite frankly surprises me that they could coordinate 19 people to do anything period. I have heard of only one cheif that could keep his shit together and he was busted for cocaince trafficking. Another hero in the war on drugs

  8. I spent three days in Atlanta one night.

  9. My friend’s desire to vote got him on that jury last week. From the first day he was amazed at the incompetence. I wish I would have recorded his comments about all of the stupid things that went on. Too bad nobody with any power had the guts beforehand to face the charges of racism and insist on change.

  10. Yeah, I thought the whole 19 cops lining the walls was pretty jokey, too. I’m surprised that they didn’t treat the guy like Hannibal Lecter.. strapping him down in heavy bonds and a facemask.

    I wonder if any additional crimes were committed because 15 extra cops were diverted for this.

    Shooting an unarmed man is pretty low, but a female court reporter is just plain psychotic. I hope they fry the bastard, Jesus or not.

  11. Atlanta is notorious for mismanagement and corruption. BAsically a black good ol boys network replaced the previous white good ol boys network, and they are just as corrupt and crooked. Those of us who live here have pretty much given up, since these guys seem to get elected no matter what they do. (oh well, at least we dont have Marion Berry…)

  12. Fuck you. I am a pubic servant, and I do a crack job.

  13. This is the EXACT same mentality as that of Homeland Security–preventing the attack that already took place. It’s about covering your ass…as long as the next attack is something “different” or “unprecedented” they can always duck the blame.

  14. Several years ago here in San Diego, we had a somewhat similar case: a large violent black inmate was being transported by a short fat female deputy. He kicked open the door on the back of the vehicle and ran away. She saw what was going on and chased him on foot, catching him (letting himself be caught?).

    He proceeded to beat the crap out of her, and take her weapon. He then attempted to carjack a car, finally shooting and killing a man & taking the man’s car. He later drove to his ex-girlfriends, where he shot at her house. And sometime later he was caught once again.

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