Reason on the Boob Tube Saturday (Charlton Heston Allusion Edition)


Hey, that's not Corey Feldman on the ultimate reality TV show, The Lehrer NewsHour. It's Contributing Editor Michael Young, who runs the op-ed page at Lebanon's Daily Star and has filled our pages with excellent, on-the-street analysis about the Middle East. Go here for a transcript, streaming audio, and streaming video.

And on the cable dial, tomorrow on C-SPAN's BookTV at 10:30AM, you can check out Reason's own Omega Man, Ronald Bailey, talking up "The State of Science Journalism."

And who's that moderatin' the gabfest, which also features The American Prospect's Chris Mooney and American Enterprise Institute's Sally Satel? Let's just say it's not a newscaster turned mutant hippie who spouts great lines like, "Definition of a scientist: A man who understands nothing until there was nothing left to understand."

NEXT: Stop Making That Orfful Noise

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  1. Let me put the power to him. Just a little nitro baby!

  2. Mister, are you God?

  3. So far only two Omega Man references, huh? I’ll add a third:

    That’s 100 Proof anglo-saxon, baby!

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