Attention SoCal Reasonistas!


If you enjoy cocktails, interesting documentaries, and the chance to heckle me in front of a live audience, then keep your schedule free this Tuesday night, when the Los Angeles Press Club and America Cinema Foundation will be co-sponsoring the screening of Press Pass to the World, the fascinating new documentary by Craig McCourry that probes the curious lives of foreign correspondents all over the globe. Drinks are served at 7 p.m., the film starts at 7:30, and afterward there'll be a panel hosted by yours truly, including McCourry, Agence France-Presse bureau chief Marc Levine, Cuba specialist and all-around character Ann Louise Bardach, and International Documentary Association President Richard Propper.

* Press Pass to the World, reception, screening and panel disccusion.
* Tuesday, March 8, 7 p.m.
* Goodson Screening Room, Library Building, American Film Institute, 2021 N. Western Avenue, L.A. (at Los Feliz Blvd.).
* RSVP is a must, at, or 323-469-8180.

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  1. When the fuck are you coming to New Hampshire?

  2. Are those FREE cocktails?

  3. Solitudinarian,

    I doubt it. 🙂

  4. Actually, they might be…. And by “cocktails” I mean “some wine, maybe some beer.”

  5. If you are ever in East Tennessee let me know. You can come by the Deacon Blues Pork Palace and Poatbles Parlour for some ribs and homebrew, maybe even a little political conversation.

  6. Deacon — I actually hope to be near the Savannah area in May, and would love me some Pork Palace.

  7. Yet another event within the New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles axis… I am starting to think Reason considers the rest of us flyover country.

    What else could explain the conspicuous abscence of free “wine, maybe some beer” and Reason staffers in the middle of the Country (or at least up the coast a bit)?

  8. Never ever are you in Phoenix. What’s the matter, the hotel prices too high? You could come here in the summer, they’re real cheap then.

  9. smacky inserts general complaint about Reason not visiting The Land of Cleves.


    (There ain’t no such thing as a free cocktail.)

  11. Tell it to your girlfriend.

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