Ten Weeks (Count 'em) of Pure Fun


We're now accepting applications for our summer internship.

Details here.

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  1. Your truly was summer intern twice – in 1984
    and 1985 – and had a great time. If only I
    had realized that the incredibly cute art
    director was interested … sigh … I was
    too shy then … and pretty clueless about
    these things.

    Highly recommended!

    Jeff Smith

  2. Could you save a spot in 2009?
    I’ll be 66 and eligible for Social Security–the receiving end.
    It’s either an internship or I’m a WalMart greeter. You decide.

    And like Jeff Smith, above, I’ll be lookin’ for a whole lotta lovin’.

  3. I applied for an internship at Reason back in ’95 or ’96. Sadly, I never received a response.

    Perhaps I was a little too earnest.

  4. Do you have to be a US Citizen/Resident? 😉

  5. Do I have to move to Los Angeles? :-0

  6. US citizenship is not required but you must be able to work out of our Los Angeles office.

  7. And you know what foreigners say about LA? “It’s like no other city in America, yet it could be no where else but America” And what charms it has-Griffith observatory, the Getty Museum, Santa Monica, Pinks Hot Dogs, that Sci-fi pizza place on Fairfax called, Nova Express.

    And of course there’s Book Soup and that chess park on the beach in Santa Monica, which also sports many groovy British pubs, LA’s diverse ethnic food, Retro New Wave clubs, the interesting lectures that the Skeptic folks put on at the Cal Tech campus in Pasadena, the Labreea tar pits…many, many more.

    A while back Reason did a cover story about the dynamism of LA. Link?

    Working for America’s most interesting magazine in such a dynamic local sounds like a stimulating gig for young libertarian scholars.

  8. I’m just waiting to have some kind of published work before I send in my application. I have a rant on high school zero tolerance policies running in my school’s newspaper on Tuesday.

    Past interns/people selecting interns: what would be good writing samples to send in if I don’t really have any published work? Editorials, news pieces (I have several mock stories from journalism classes), essays, or all of the above?

  9. …make that: “Working for America’s most interesting magazine in such a dynamic locale sounds like a stimulating gig for young libertarian scholars.”

    Sorry about that.

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